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About Obama

2010-06-11 01:44:20 by Kingoftheportal90

Obama is the president. He's going to be the president for at least another 2 years. If he gets elected again he'll be president for another 4 years.

Some people think he's a good president and are happy with him

Some people don't think he's a good president and aren't happy with him

Whichever side you're on, we all have one thing in common. We're all American. Even if you don't live in america you're still an american in my heart and you have a place in my home... unless you're here illegally...then you have no right to be here and if you get kicked out I don't feel that bad for you.


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2010-06-11 01:49:58

Obama is a fucking n****r and I hope that he ends up assassinated because I am sure that no one truely likes his black ass.


2010-06-11 04:58:40

^The guy above is a joke^