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About a girl.

2010-06-11 10:22:38 by Kingoftheportal90

I just met a girl with gorgeous blue eyes
That made me feel special and full of surprise
I just met a girl who is patient and kind
Who understands genius and things of the mind

I just met a girl who deliberately thinks
Of how to connect over coffee shop drinks
Or how to begin to improve what we see
By using a piece of what's true inside me

I just met a girl, though I won't let it stay
The feeling is perfect, yet pulling away
She understands things that are spoken in dreams
Yet will she be nearly the things that she seems?

The girl that I met speaks with wisdom and grace
I looked at her soul as I stared at her face
And told her my thoughts on what life was about
She pulled from within things I can't live without

I just met a girl who makes questions arise
Of how time unfolds knocking us down to size
Of how trust is killed by the things of the past
And how despite everything hope can still last

I just met a girl that I hope doesn't leave
Before I find out all the tricks up her sleeve
And if there are none that I finally find
I just met a girl who one day could be mine

I hope if she reads this one day she won't run
Afraid of the thinking and wishing I've done
I hope that she knows that it's out of our hands
And up to a fate that we can't understand

For what's meant to be will occur either way
With all I can do, there is little to say
I'll wait for the judgment of patience and time
And a girl or a lesson will surely be mine

But the wishing and dreaming itself shall not leave
The laughter, the hope, and the tears as we grieve
For in every meeting in which that hope gleams
Lies simply a piece of our world full of dreams

I just met a girl who is at the same time
One in a million, yet one of a kind
And when her blue eyes look upon me again
I'll accept their reflection on what to do then

Howard Ditkoff


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2010-06-11 11:50:54

Ninja-fan is a tranny, he told me himself.