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How to become a millionare.

2010-06-11 22:06:45 by Kingoftheportal90

There's tons of pyramid schemes all over the internet. What's the name of the new one "Easycash" or something like that? It's a photo of some fat guy in a goatee holding cash and he's trying to get people to sign up for the easywhatever thing.

Here's how to get a million dollars if you're 12 years old. Follow my instructions exactly.

Go to school and make really good grades. Score well on the college tests in highschool and go to college. Get a Bachelor's degree...or even a Master's...not a Doctorate because you spend 9 years in college and by the time you're ready to get out you'll be old and fat and women will only like you for your money...well generally.

Afterwards you should get a job making like 70k a year and save 20% and put it in a mutual fund every paycheck.

That's how smart people become millionares. Not fattys or oldies.


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2010-06-12 00:04:52

People don't want to spend that much time to become a millionaire. They think up "get rich quick" schemes.