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Entry #4

Terrorist attack on the US?

2010-07-15 17:23:21 by Kingoftheportal90

Check this out.

This youtube video openly shows a Muslim openly talking about attacking the U.S.

Let me tell you something. Every marine, soldier, officer, ect who's been out there will tell you that if we really wanted to we could blast these kids off the face of the earth in 48 hours, but out of fear of God/kindess/goodness/humanitarianism we choose not to.

You know if I lived in the middle east I would think "These guys can smoke us at every turn...maybe we should think about this whole "terrorism thing".

Watching that video is like watching this hockey team threaten to take on these guys.


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2010-11-22 18:54:12

^---Generifag ;D


2011-03-20 05:51:05

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